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Visiting our partners - Kentons Pharmaceutical Distributors and Acacia Premier Hotel

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Today was an inspiring day! I left our office in Kisumu with Recky Kyalo, our partner coordinator to pay a courtesy call to the Girls on the Move partners, the employers who are hosting our interns. This was the first time I had met them since the launch of the programme and Recky was to introduce me.

It was to be a surprise visit. None of the partners or interns had received advance notice and I'm glad to report that they were nicely surprised.

Over the next few blog posts, I will introduce you to the partners I met in Kisumu in a few short days.

Kentons are a leading pharmacy wholesale and distribution business serving pharmacies, hospitals and clinics throughout Kenya. Their distinctive modern office is located in the centre of Kisumu, a short walk from our office.

Kentons Pharmaceutical Distributors, Kisumu

When we arrived, the receptionist was quick to tell us how well our interns are doing. Then, she ushered us in to meet Director Mr Neel.

Mr Neel praised the interns who have been working at Kentons for 3 months, for their discipline and output.

Pam (centre) and Recky meet Kentons' Director, Mr Neel.

Acacia Premier Hotel, Kisumu

Acacia is one of the leading hotels in the heart of Kisumu city, noted for its outdoor pool and bar with panoramic views over Lake Victoria.

We met with Human Resources Manager, Ms Lilian Mainye. Ms Mainye welcomed us warmly and updated us on the intern’s work, saying that she will soon be rotated from the procurement department to the finance department to give her experience of the various support functions in the organization. We met the intern at her workstation with the head of the department, who was equally pleased to meet us.

Lilian Maine (R) introduces Reck and Pam (L) to the head of the Acacia procurement department.

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