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Supply Chain Leadership Across Africa: Closing the Health Workforce Gender Gap

Updated: Jun 24

Podcast from Supply Chain Now featuring Pam Steele

Host Scott Luton and special guest host Jenny Froome are joined by Pam Steele, founder and CEO at Pamela Steele Associates, and Rebecca Alban, Senior Manager of Health Systems at VillageReach to discuss the gender imbalance in the global supply chain, particularly in the public health supply chain workforce.

Listen in as Pam and Rebecca highlight the importance of achieving gender balance in the industry, not just for equity, but also for improving supply chain performance. They also discussed the barriers women face in the industry, such as cultural norms, biases, and organizational cultures, and ideas for addressing the issues.

Join us for an inspiring conversation about the role women play in the healthcare workforce, and the transformational impact they can have on it.

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