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Girls on the Move pilot to commence May 2022

The Girls on the Move pilot project begins in Kisumu, Kenya, in May 2022. It is a collaboration between the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition and Pamela Steele Associates.

The programme will invite employers in Kisumu to provide internship opportunities for young women seeking careers in supply chain management. It builds on PSA’s longstanding work on gender mainstreaming in the health and humanitarian supply chain sectors.

Low-and middle-income countries face a lack of skilled labour in the supply chain sector, ranging from truck drivers to senior supply chain management positions, and workers lack the competencies required by modern technologies and markets.

Supply chain leaders agree on the increasing talent deficit in the profession leading to concerns on how to attract youth into the supply chain profession.

The youth are mostly unaware of supply chain management as a career because it is not taught in schools. Few imagine themselves in the supply chain profession which results in unfulfilled vacancies at all levels of the supply chain which holds back economic growth.

The 12-month pilot programme will give 30 young women access to career opportunities in the supply chain sector in Kenya. The pilot programme will

  • design an internship/work placement program for recent female graduates,

  • equip programme participants with the skills and training needed for successful work placement, and

  • frame an initiative to scale up the “Girls on the Move” programme model into other Kenyan counties and possibly other countries.

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